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Panelists in the Social Media @Airports webinar were unanimous: even if you are not tweeting and Facebooking, you should be monitoring those channels (and others) for chatter about your airport/company/organization.

Fair enough, some participants said, but how? What do you use to monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like? Tools like Tweetdeck are useful (and free), but what about a paid monitoring service? Do you use them?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Thanks again to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s social media webinar. As promised, we’re continuing the conversation right here in this space, by answering the questions that we didn’t get to in the Q&A session. While our panelists, Nathan, Baochi and Kristie have agreed to chime in, these conversations should involve everyone!

So, here’s the first topic: one attendee wanted input on whether Facebook pages should have custom landing tabs, or if first-time visitors (and those that haven’t “Liked” the page yet) should land on the default tab (normally, the Wall tab). Many marketers push custom tabs as a great way to take advantage of the limited real estate that you, the Facebook user, can control. Some folks think that a page’s vibrant community, expressed through its wall posts, should be what welcomes visitors.

My .02:  I love ’em (even though the AAAE page I manage doesn’t have one, yet). I think that they, along with large profile pictures, help brand a page and deliver a short, succinct, and customized message to the visitor, and (with a little programming) can play embedded videos, collect e-mail addresses for newsletters, and accomplish myriad other marketing-specific tasks.

So, what do you think? (And for those of you who’d like a primer on custom Facebook landing tabs, including how to build easy ones yourself, check out this post and this post.)

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Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s Social Media @Airports webinar!  It was a two-hashtag smash! Here are the hashtag search links:

#aaaeairportswebinar (Longest hashtag evah?)


More to come!

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Webinar Day!

The Social Media @Airports webinar is today at 2PM ET, and we’re ready to go! The panelists and the AAAE technical team held a run-through yesterday, and we are ready to deliver 90 quality minutes of content to our participants.

Judging by the list of attendees, it will be a wide-ranging discussion. We’ve got every size airport there is, from large hubs to general aviation facilities. And we’ve got just about every level of airport executive, too, from the CEO/airport director level to the (more expected) PR/marketing gurus.

If you’re participating, please bring your questions–we will make time to answer them. If you’re still on the fence, there’s still time to register (but hurry–registration will close at 10AM ET!)

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We’ve got a slew of airport folks signed up for next month’s Social Media @Airports webinar. Last time I checked we were approaching 1 million participants, so plan for an extended Q&A session.

Kidding aside, we’ve got a good cross-section of airports signed up. And while our world-class panel of speakers will do its best to cover as much ground as possible, it can’t hurt to ask you participants what items you’re hoping to see covered during the proceedings. (more…)

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Tune in to the show

Welcome to Airport IMC. Since this blog was set up to support AAAE‘s upcoming Social Media @Airports webinar, I’ll kick off with a post on that. (more…)

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