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Two new reports–one from SITA and one from Pew Internet–really hammer home how important mobile is becoming in any marketing, communications, and even sales strategy.

Airports may have questions over how to proceed–Mobile sites? Apps? Lots of social interaction via smartphone apps? — but the question of whether to proceed seems to have been answered.

More on the reports at my blog post over at AAAE.

By the way, mobile strategies for airports is on the agenda for the 2012 Airport Social Media Summit. (I know, I know, there’s no agenda posted as I write this, but trust me, mobile will be on there. And the meeting is going to rock. Feel free to tweet that, using hashtag #DCSoMe.)


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Think your marketing communications plan is all about what you have to say?

Think again.

Here’s a great example of how a partner can help boost your marketing efforts. In this case, ThermoEnergy Corp., a vendor that plays a role in removing spent deicing fluid from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, produced a video spotlighting its work, and putting CLE center stage. CLE pushed it through its Facebook feed and tweet tweet tweeted about it, too.

Easy content. Good content.

While you’re brushing up on your propylene glycol management knowledge, take a moment to think about the service providers you work with–could any of them tell a mutually beneficial story about your airport?

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So, it’s be a while since I filled this space with airport marketing goodness. I’d love to say it’s because I didn’t have any awesome content to provide, but that’d be a stretch–since my airport marketing peeps provide a regular stream of pretty awesome stuff  on a pretty regular basis.

I’ll go with life happened. (Again, thanks, Scott.)

Let’s bookend my hiatus with some more coolness from my friends at Akron-Canton Airport (CAK). Quick back story: Team CAK has long given out luggage tags to folks that check in, social media-style, at the airport. Easy way to engage fans and give them a little something for next to nothing. Brilliant. That the little something also promotes the airport is even more brilliant.

So, when the time came to update the luggage tag design, it would have been easy to just throw the new ones in the bin at the welcome desk and perhaps post a quick smartphone shot on Facebook.

But that’s just not how CAK does things.

This is how CAK does things:

Campy? Yep.

Cheesy? Yep.

Engaging? Yep.

Successful? Methinks yep.

So, what simple events do you have coming up that you could leverage for a similar effect?

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