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“In order for us to build our business and make the airport successful, we have to get out and market it.”

Amen, Mr. Swafford. And good luck to PUJ.


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This blog post from #airlinetrends (which I came across in LinkedIn’s Airport Industry Professionals group–ain’t the social web grand?) caught my eye for a few reasons.

First, it’s interesting to see what airports are doing to help make their customers more comfortable and informed. Nobody likes to be lost–physically or mentally–in an airport. Copenhagen, Munich, and the hologram-equipped airports in the U.K. are certainly among those staying in the front of the pack when it comes to putting customers first.

Second, CPH’s joint effort with SITA to bring augmented reality into the airport terminal fits in with a piece I’m writing for Airport Magazine dealing with airport mobile strategies. A recent FlightView survey suggested that travelers preferred airport mobile websites over apps, but airline apps over mobile websites. Some airports are investing in apps, with CPH’s up near the top of the list in terms of sophistication.

It will be interesting to see if the lack of app investment is categorized as a strategic decision–or simply a financial one.

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Port Columbus International (CHM) has a new :30 TV ad out, and it’s (smartly) posted online:

Good stuff!

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Few things unite a community like a winning sports team–and few things offer an easier opportunity to engage with the public in a straightforward, controversy-free way than, um, pumping a winning team’s tires.  (Okay, full disclosure: I’m quite fond of a certain Stanley Cup-holding pro hockey team from the New England region, and I couldn’t resist.)

This spring’s championship runs by the American Hockey League’s Binghamton Senators and the NHL’s Boston Bruins gave Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) and Boston Logan Airport (BOS) ideal chances to connect with their rabid local fan bases, and neither disapponted.

BGM rallied behind its Senators, posting typical good-luck wishes as well as a few creative bits of content, including graphics tracking the triumphant team’s flight home after its championship-clinching victory in Houston. When the Calder Cup made it back to town, BGM was quick to post pictures of the trophy being unveiled to waiting fans.

In Boston, where the Bruins ended a 39-year championship drought with a victory at Vancouver on June 15, BOS was all in for the team’s entire 63-day playoff run.

When the title was clinched, BOS spiced up its Facebook page with a customized profile pic (above) that made it clear that the airport was part of Bruins Nation. Once the Stanley Cup touched down on Boston soil, BOS was quick to spread the word (and the pictures) via Facebook.

For airports, there are few cooler scenarios than having a local team win a title on the road and fly back home, hardware in hand. But it doesn’t have to be a perfect (or even professional) championship moment to be a perfect engagement scenario. College teams, city championships, and even individual sports stars moving from event to event offer ideal ways to connect with loyal locals. Like BOS says, figure out what champions are using your airport, and get behind ’em.

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Diverting my attention from far more important matters to provide a few good aviation-themed links from the New York Times You’re The Boss small biz blog.

The blog runs a pretty cool feature in which websites are picked apart by an expert (usually the post’s author) and the readers. This one took a slightly different approach, pitting continental.com vs jetblue.com.

This one is one global-hopping exec’s somewhat atypical guide to smart business travel. Sure, he talks about packing light, but recommending hiking clothes because “they’re classy enough to wear to most meetings” is a new one to me. Good read…almost makes me want to book a flight just to see if I can fit a week’s worth of business life into a backpack.

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Yep, more raving about Edmonton International’s (YEG) new Unite For More Flights campaign.

YEG posted a few shots of new billboards to its Facebook site, including this one…

Two great things about this (besides the ad itself, which is pretty cool):

1) It underscores the breath of the campaign, which now includes multiple digital outlets, an interactive contest, a live demonstration that doubled as a promo video shoot (one idea,  two valuable tactics) and some (so-called) traditional marketing. (Does it get much more traditional than outdoor signage? Big and simple still works.)

2) The YEG folks understand how to maximize reach. I’m pretty sure that the billboard owner didn’t charge YEG anything for posting the shots on Facebook. It’s also a safe bet that EIA’s Facebook page has a lot of likes from the very demographic that the billboards are targeting.

Pretty simple, effective way to boost reach on a local ad placement, eh? Indeed.

At the core of every good marketing effort is an objective–YEG’s is spelled out in this Edmonton Journal piece. And you thought all of Alberta’s best battles took place on the ice….

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